About HIT

HIT local Qatar Cybersecurity system integrator and Consulting company focused in creating value by solving emerging cybersecurity challenges by innovating methodology covering people process and technology. We serve customers across industry verticals such as Government, Banks and Financial Services, Technology and Media, Oil & Power, Airlines, E-commerce, Retail, etc.


Our Approach

The Problem Solving Process

Understand the problem

Make Sure What is customer requirement



Identify possible solutions and check its effectiveness



Refine and evaluate to identify best fit for organization


Devise a plan.

How are you going solve the problem?

All-in Solution

Our experts are providing and planning 24/7 technical support services with product and security consultation.

Product Consultation

We help organization to select best solution suits their requirement support from understanding requirement to compare solution to deploy, creating maximum return of investment


Security Assessment

Help organization identify any gaps in current people, process and technology. Recommend controls to mitigate identified gaps and help to implement controls


24/7 Incident Handling

Consultant available in Qatar Detect intrusions on side, remediate attacks, and efficiently resume operations ensure minimum impact on business operation


Solutions and Services


Cloud Security

Protecting application workloads and data hosted in the cloud


Incident Response and Forensics services

Detect intrusions, remediate attacks, and efficiently resume operations


Cybersecurity Roadmap

Follow these best practices to create a resilient, scalable and agile cybersecurity strategy.


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Proactive identify and Patch it before someone exploit it


DevSec Ops Consulting services

Shift Left - Secure, automate, integrate, develop


OT/ICS/SCADA/IOT/IIOT Cybersecurity consulting

Cybersecurity services will identify vulnerabilities, build solutions to protect operational technology (OT) systems, and automate ongoing compliance.

Our Values

Client First

Every client relationship at HIT is led with the ideal of servicing beyond the committed through collaboration, applied innovation and new generation partnership models that put our customer’s interests above everything else.


HIT unique Quality Delivery and innovation culture empowers our workforces to ideate and find best solutions, thereby taking everyday ideas to business impact


As HIT – we deliver more than what we are getting paid for. Our corporate conscience is defined by meaningful voices looking to make a difference, a concept which has been given shape and direction through our very foundation.


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Founder of Style Co.

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Owner of Creative Ltd.

Our Team Experience

We Have a Lot of Skills in Cyber Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why we hire cybersecurity consulting services?

    Cybersecurity consultants help you figure out the best possible ways to respond to attacks. They prevent businesses from all cyber-threats, which reduce the chances of risks.

  • Why to invest on cybersecurity, we never got hacked till date?

    Cyber-attacks cost a fortune. According to the report published by Kaspersky Lab, the average cost of a data breach for a small firm in 2017 was $117,000, which is not a small amount!
    Small firms need to be very careful and protect themselves from such attacks to save up for future.
    You may not have the means to hire a group of employees to oversee your firm’s cyber defense, but this is where the role and utility of a cybersecurity consultant comes into the equation. The consultant comes up with a software that helps a company keep their data secure and avoid costly data breaches.

  • What is risk assessment?

    Security is a challenge and concern for numerous businesses due to prevalent hacks and fraud, identity theft, and general havoc that may occur. It is highly recommended to conduct proper advertisement, and the execution of the appropriate security measure to run operations smoothly, which help you substantially mitigate such kind of risks.
    Cybersecurity consultants help you figure out risk and the best possible ways to respond to attacks. They list down the possible preventive measures like antivirus software, encryption, and firewalls

  • Does cybersecurity help in productivity?

    There is a definite and a directly proportional relationship between cyber security and productivity. This is because the more you are secure, the more you attract online customers.
    Many people prefer to shop online. Some businesses ask for credit card information which customers give out only to trustworthy websites.
    All successful organizations have one thing in common, they utilized the right cyber security consulting services. They realized that efficient security protocol is a need, as it prevents possible attacks on your online existence — your website, software programs, and IT infrastructure.

  • How HIT can help in achieving compliance?

    Many businesses run online, where the world is just one click away! The relevance of compliance has become very important.
    The constant recurrence of breaches has pushed businesses to look for professional cybersecurity consulting firms — for their success.
    A well-established firm facilitates your firm meet government regulations, and various security threats. They also play a vital role to help you craft policies within your organization on cybersecurity so you can stay within compliance boundaries. This way, customers gain trust, as no one want to risk their confidential information by working with a no-complaint firm.

  • What we should do in cyber-attack situation?

    Simple answer is call us we are 24/7 available to respond and cyber-attack.
    Our full spectrum of solutions helps our clients prepare for, mitigate, detect, contain, and recover from cyber-attacks. To reduce the risk of future incidents, we partner with clients to establish effective long-term cybersecurity strategies.

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