Cybersecurity Roadmap

Follow these best practices to create a resilient, scalable and agile cybersecurity strategy.

A resilient cybersecurity strategy is essential to running the business while protecting against security threats and preventing data breaches and other enterprise cybersecurity threats.

The HIT IT Roadmap for Cybersecurity is based on unbiased research and interactions with thousands of organizations across all industries and sectors. CIOs, CISOs, and security and risk leaders can execute a smart, effective initiative by following best practices detailed in the roadmap.

The roadmap provides security and risk leaders with:
  • Current Threat to their IT infrastructure
  • Existing controls and their effectiveness
  • ROSI return on security investment analysis
  • Recommended controls to achieve required cyber resilience.
  • Cybersecurity strategic plan for next 3 Years
  • An overview of the initiative’s key stages and milestones
  • Key resources to save time and ensure successful execution
  • Perspectives on the cross-functional team to support the initiative

Developing a security roadmap helps you align security processes with business goals and optimizes your overall cybersecurity posture. With a solid roadmap, you’ll know where you stand today, where you need to go to be more effective, and what you need to do to get there.

It’s a powerful way to ensure security projects map to the business, stay in sync with IT initiatives, and gain the executive buy-in you need to enable success.

Once the assessment is complete, gaps can be measured against the selected control framework and steps to address them can be defined. Depending on your objectives and risk acceptance, a visual representation of recommended initiatives can be detailed within a one-to-three-year roadmap.

The roadmap would include a high-level summary of the investments in people, process, and technology required to align your capabilities with the selected control framework. Activities should be clearly sequenced to provide an effective implementation plan, with projects prioritized based on risk.

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