Cloud Security

Protecting application workloads and data hosted in the cloud

HIT helps you secure your workloads and protect your data by deploying a secure cloud environment based on industry best practices and our engineering expertise. We integrate best-of-breed, commercially available solutions designed to meet your needs, as well as commercial, military, and Government requirements.

  • Compliance with Qatar Local international Compliance standards & Requirement, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Qatar national information assurance framework (NIA 2.0), Qatar 2022 FIFA Cybersecurity framework, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Cloud Security Policy v1.2, Data Protection Law in Qatar, National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST), ISO 27001, etc. and
  • Cloud Security architect play vital role in planning and design of cloud infra and partner in cloud journey by served as the basis for developing Virtual Cloud Defense to provide compliance in addition to security.
  • Automation of Baseline Configurations, including the baseline infrastructure, end host configurations, cloud-native services, and third-party security features.

Cloud Penetration testing

  • With emerging cloud computing services, cloud security has become a burning issue amongst information security professionals. As cloud services have evolved over time, attackers have evolved the complexity and nature of the attack on different cloud services. Cloud data leaks have become more and more frequent. Robust cloud security is extremely crucial for businesses or organizations that are recently shifting to the cloud from conventional data storage methods. HIT boosts the security of your cloud infrastructure by identifying threats caused by vulnerability, misconfigurations, unwarranted access, and non-standard deployments.
  • Encryption of Data at Rest uses built-in cloud and third-party solutions and full volume encryption of cloud storage to protect data from unintentional disclosure and malicious activity.
  • Network Traffic Inspection and Protection offers in-line packet inspection and passive Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) decryption for traffic into and out of the cloud, as well as between cloud nodes, to detect and block intrusions and other malicious traffic.
  • Log Aggregation, Dashboards, and Reporting collects and analyzes security events and configurations from network appliances, cloud infrastructure, operating systems, and applications to support security operations, auditing, and executive reporting.
  • Identity and Authentication Services integrates with public key infrastructure (PKI) to support smart card and multifactor authentication for hosted applications and management functions. The platform implements best practices for identity and access management (IAM), account management, and role structure.
  • Network Tiering provides logical network segregation of security zones, user planes, data planes, and management planes.

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