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HIT offers your employees effective and engaging training on IT security topics with a lasting impact.

Our annual licenses provide memorable content in all areas of IT security – with measurable learning success and full data protection compliance.

Our Services Includes:

    Simulated phishing attacks: Our simulated attacks train users by means of fake phishing mails – every user is trained where they are most vulnerable.

    Modular Live Classroom or Live Online awareness sessions:
  • Our learning comprises up to 20 practical and interactive modules and playfully encourages to deal with cyber security topics. Each module contains concrete recommendations for action and ends with a quiz.
  • The content can optionally be adapted to your context.
  • We also create custom content as per trends or special requirement like Work-From-Home
  • If users have passed all obligatory modules, individual certificates can be created automatically. We also offer other offline materials such as posters, posters, screensaver, etc.

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