Identity and Access Management

Effective security, authorization, identification and automation

An Identity and Access Management consultant can help you with all aspects of IAM. If you need an Identity and Access Management consultant for your company, we have many skilled professionals who can start right away.

Our Identity and Access Management consultants have helped many companies with such tasks as:

  • assisting with identity management, such as auto-provisioning password management and role-based access controls (RBAC)
  • assisting with attestations, application certificates and complex security access requests
  • liaising with technical teams and providing reliable access to all relevant users
  • troubleshooting and offering solutions for IAM issues
  • analyzing and solving potential security access threats
  • providing IAM training and general advising

When necessary, we would be happy to provide an Identity and Access Management consultant with specialized IAM knowledge crucial to your field or business.

Why hire an Identity and Access Management consultant?

In today’s business world, we have seen many companies gain value from outsourcing their specialized IT needs. Our Identity and Access Management consultants are experts in their fields. These contractors can provide support to your technical team, train employees on crucial IAM aspects and bring in important skills that may otherwise be missing in your organization.

  • Current state assessment
  • Identity Process definition and optimization
  • Identity and access management governess model
  • Access Management Policy, Process & Standards
  • IDAM Design & Implementation
  • Identity Credential and Solution Selection
  • Identity Federation Strategy & Implementation

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